Moving Portability Items to Post-Login to Decrease Login Times on Windows 7


Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5.8

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Jan 18,2017



ProfileUnity normally restores saved Portability settings at login. Depending on the given environment and size of archive, this could lead to longer login times. 



ProfileUnity client login slow; slowness noted especially during "Portability Settings" portion of the login.


Possible Resolution:

 Certain Portability items may be moved to execute post-login to decrease login times.

         Download the attached "Configuration-Portability Post Login.json" file (ProfileUnity Config File.)

         In the ProfileUnity Management Console, Import the configuration file:




        This will create a new configuration called "Portability Post Login - Imported". Edit the Configuration:




       Double-click each Portability Setting, and click the "Advanced" tab:



     For each Portability Setting, edit the "Save Path" field to reflect the actual network location of your          users' Portability Settings save location. Also, take note of the "UID" field. If you have an existing            ProfileUnity Configuration with Portability Settings you wish to preserve, you will need to copy this UID      from each existing Portability Rule in the existing older Configuration, and paste them in the "UID"            field for each Portabilty Rule in this new Configuration. If you do not, a new UID will be generated by        the new Configuration's Portability Rules, and the existing Portability Settings/data will not be                  preserved (i.e. the Portability Rules will "start over" as if there were no previous settings/data.)


Note: The original .json file may also be edited (i.e. with a search/replace function in a text editor) to replace the Save Path field globally. If this is desired, simply replace the default \\server\share name above to the correct path PRIOR to importing the .json configuration file.


     Once complete, update and deploy the configuration. Now, the listed Portability Items will be restored      post login, speeding-up the overall login time.




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