User's data not saving for "Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook"

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 25, 2017



User configures Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook and logs off the session. After next logon user would open Microsoft Outlook and the CRM information would not be there and MS Outlook with show that there is a problem with Add-IN.



Microsoft Outlook Message:

Microsoft Outlook Message:

Possible Resolution(s):

List of items which need to be in place for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook to work on non persistent VDI:

Microsoft Dynamics for Microsoft Outlook Add-In must be installed on the base/master image.

A) AppData and Local AppData must be captured using one of the three methods:

  1. Portability - Portability Settings.
  2. Redirected using Folder Redirection
  3. Profile Disk

B) Add CRM Ruleset to save following information:

Registry Rules:

Merge Tree HKLM SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM
Merge Tree HKLM SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM_Setup
Merge Tree HKCU Software\Microsoft\MSCRMClient

Filesystem Rules:

Merge Program Files Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Merge Application Data AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MSCRM
Merge Local Application Data Microsoft\MSCRM

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