Portability Wildcard Syntax

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.5.9

Updated: February 17, 2017




Portability saves/restores are including files/folders that should have been excluded or not including files/folders that should be included.



Resulting portability contents are not as expected. 


Possible Resolution(s):

Use of wildcards can help you obtain the portability results. 

Note: Wildcards are only supported for Filesystem Rules.

Generally wildcard behavior in ProfileUnity reflects what is seen in Windows.

The following are typical examples of wildcard syntax:


Instead of entering an entire path such as "AppNAME\directory\*.txt", "*.txt" be used to filter all txt files in all sub directories.

Entering "APPName" by itself can be used to exclude the APPName folder. Beware though, there may be another file or folder in a different subtree named "APPName" that you didn't mean to exclude.

Wildcards  can be used in the middle of a word in files or directory names. If you created a file matching that pattern and then used a cmd prompt to execute "del AppNAME\directory\1*2.txt” and it successfully deletes the file, ProU should function in the same way.

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