Saving Firefox profile without the cache directories

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: N/A

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Updated: March 1, 2017



Firefox portability files get very large do to large cache directories.

ProfileDisk is getting full with Firefox's cache files



Long logon times with portability or no settings are saved between sessions


Possible Resolution(s):

Step 1) Create "Portabilty" Ruleset with following setting:

Merge     Local Application Data       Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

Step 2) Create User Defined script to run (Before ProfileUnity at Logoff)

Use one of the two scrips listed below:

Script A:

cd %localappdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*def*
rmdir /s /q Cache
rmdir /s /q cache2

Script B:

@echo off

for /f "tokens=*" %%G in ('dir /b /s /a:d "%localappdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.default"') Do (
echo %%G
rmdir /s /q %%G\Cache
rmdir /s /q %%G\cache2


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