Stratusphere UI does not list anything in domain dropdown


User see something like this:


Notice that domain dropdown is empty and the license shows nothing.



The database is likely having problem.  In this case, the pg_xlog is full and PostgreSQL is unable to process transactions.  The solutions are either to increase the disk 5, which is /var/lib/pgsql_xlog, or redirect /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/pg_xlog to another location that has plenty of space.  You can even put pg_xlog back in its /var/lib/pgsql for the time being if it has plenty of space.  The process involves:

  1. Stop services on Hub and postgres on DB
  2. Remove the symlink /var/lib/pgsql/current/data/pg_xlog
  3. Create a new pgsql_xlog somewhere else, or simply create pg_xlog directory in /var/lib/pgsql/current/data.
  4. copy over /var/lib/pgsql_xlog/* to this new pg_xlog directory, and chown postgres:postgres everything in there.
  5. Start postgres on DB, make sure it comes up, then start Hub services.
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