ProfileUnity Elevation rules do not work after upgrade of ProfileUnity

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.7 (only)

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: December 11, 2017



After ProfileUnity upgrade to 6.7 the ProfileUnity custom elevation rules fail to apply.



When ProfileUnity configuration contains ProfileUnity Elevation rules with:

Path Signed, Path Contains or path signed the user will get asked for Administrative credentials or the installer will fail or the application will not open with elevated rights.



Please check this file (C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Elevation\lwl_elevation_service.xml) for those lines of code:

<path hash="1db780a34456f54c26b8ed3c69914eddb5ebe7325f24d8f34b019dea74c9404b" />
<path hash="6b514c321a22332ee08e707764999f5413906847459f5b4f2e917eea0bdb3c67" />
<path signed="Liquidware Labs, Inc." />
<path signed="Liquidware Labs" />


If they do not exist go to ProfileUnity configuration, edit and go to Elevation module. 

Select "Add Elevation rule" and add following Elevation rules:

Add rule 1:

Type: Application
Action: Allow
Match: Hash
Value: 1db780a34456f54c26b8ed3c69914eddb5ebe7325f24d8f34b019dea74c9404b

Add rule 2:

Type: Application
Action: Allow
Match: Hash
Value: 6b514c321a22332ee08e707764999f5413906847459f5b4f2e917eea0bdb3c67

Add rule 3:

Type: Application
Action: Allow
Match: Signed
Value: Liquidware Labs, Inc.

Add rule 4:

Type: Application
Action: Allow
Match: Signed
Value: Liquidware Labs

Note: Don't add rules which might be present in the file not to get duplicates. 

Update the configuration and download an updated ini to your netlogon\profileunity directory. 



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