How to re-register all 5.8 Network Stations to a new 6.0 HUB

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: ONLY 5.8 moving to 6.0 and NOT migrating all existing data

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: July 11, 2017


Problem:  You have deployed a new Stratusphere 6.0 HUB, are NOT going to migrate your data and need to move over your existing Network Stations.


The attached script package will get the list of existing Network Stations from your current 5.8.x HUB Station Admin list and re-register them to a fresh 6.0 HUB.

1. Upload attached change-hub6.tgz file to your Stratusphere 5.8.x HUB appliance using WinSCP as friend/sspassword to the first directory shown in WinSCP (/home/friend)

2. SSH to the HUB using Putty as friend/sspassword

Execute the following commands:

3. tar -zxvf change-hub6.tgz

4. cd change-hub

5. su

6. ./

This script requires that the friend password be the same across all Network Stations and that also the root password is the same across all Stations as well.

***NOTE: If you are looking to move Network Stations from 5.8.x to another 5.8.7 instance, please see this KB instead: How to move all Network Stations from one 5.8 HUB to another 5.8 HUB

***: To move your existing CIDs to a new HUB, please see this KB: Can I reassign the Connector ID Key on a desktop to report to a new HUB or HUB Address?

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