Stratusphere 6.0 Phase 1 (LA) Collectors may fail upgrade to Phase 2 (GA)

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: 6.0.0 LA (Phase 1, pre-12/15/2017 release) Collectors Only

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Dec 21, 2017



Early-release Collectors may fail to upgrade, console may show ERROR checking for updates.



To confirm the issue, SSH to the Collector(s) as friend/sspassword using Putty or the console and execute:

su -
(same sspassword when prompted)

df -h
(Will show /deb/sde8 or /var/log as being (close to) 100% full)

cat /var/log/lwl-update.log
(Will say update needs Error, #MB more on /var/log to complete the update)


Possible resolutions:

Option #1: Delete the old Collector(s) from vCenter and the Stratusphere Collector Admin list and redeploy them using the latest release available from the Downloads page.  This accomplishes 3 things, it makes the need to upgrade moot, it doesn't have the log issue and the partition for /var/log is twice as large, something that's not easily done without redeploying.

Option #2: Fix an issue with httpd logging and clean them up before the upgrade will complete successfully. We do not support growing of the /var/log partition and upgrading does not change the partition size.  (Script to automate this fix/upgrade is at the end of this article.)

SSH to the Collector(s) as friend/sspassword using Putty or the console and execute:

su -
(same sspassword when prompted)

vi /etc/lwl/httpd/httpd.conf
Type in:  /CustomLog
(/ will do a 'find' for that word)
Delete (press dd twice, once for each line) the first 2 CustomLog lines
Type in:  :wq!   (to save/quit)

rm -f /var/log/httpd/*

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

df -h
(This should now show /var/log as having much more free space available)

Once this is done, you could proceed and run the upgrade from the console (below) or you can wait until all are fixed and then use the webUI to upgrade them all at once. 

To upgrade via the console:


Press u for Update menu
Press c to Check for updates
(If successful, will give a count of updates available)
Press u to Upgrade
(It will either give an error or will say its rebooting.  If it reboots, then it was successful.)

***When the script below is run on a HUB with Collectors registered it will automatically fix and/or upgrade from LA to GA (it asks to upgrade).  (If you deployed Collectors before 12/15/2017 then this applies to you and you likely need to run this after upgrading your HUB.)***

1. Upload the attached collector-fix.tgz file to your Stratusphere HUB appliance using WinSCP as friend/sspassword to the first directory shown in WinSCP (/home/friend)

2. SSH to the HUB using Putty as friend/sspassword

Execute the following commands:

3. tar -zxvf collector-fix.tgz

4. cd collector-fix

5. su

6. ./

This script requires all passwords (both friend and root) be the default sspassword and that all Collectors are already registered with the HUB.

Collector-fix script:

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