Migrating From ProfileDisk/UDD V1 to V2

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.7

Updated: Sept 2, 2017



ProfileUnity 6.7 contains a new version (V2) of ProfileDisk/UDD.  While 6.7 is backwards compatible with V1 (6.5.x) created ProfileDisk/UDDs, it is possible to migrate to the new version by following this procedure.


Upgrade the ProfileUnity Console and Client Tools to version 6.7 or above.

Refresh Pool(s) so that new client tools are installed on Pool VMs.

Login to Pool as a Test User to confirm client tool upgrade was successful and that ProfileDisk/UDD v1 disks are working correctly.

From the ProfileUnity console, use Guided Configuration to create and deploy the configuration template called:


Windows 7, 10 or 2016 as a Desktop and 2016 RDS Full Desktop

 Once configuration has been deployed, have all Users perform at least one login/out cycle, so that this new configuration is able to fully run.

 Once completed, navigate to FlexDisk management in the ProfileUnity console and select the User Data Disk Tab.

Unassign the Pools/Users currently assign to the existing (v1) ProfileDisk/UDD.

Create a new ProfileDisk/UDD and then assign it to the same set of Pools/Users.




Once configured, allow Users to again and complete at least one login/out cycle, so that the new V2 ProfileDisk/UDD is created and data is migrated.

After all Users have completed at least one cycle, the migration to ProfileDisk/UDD V2 is complete.

The original ProfileDisk(s) and deployed configuration can be now be discarded, at your discretion.

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