How To Create A FlexApp Package Of Citrix Receiver

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  6.7

Updated: Sept 5, 2017



When attempting to create a flexapp package of the Citrix Receiver application with FPC, various errors can arise when default settings are in place.



Please follow the steps below to successfully capture and playback the Citrix Receiver application. 


  1. On the FPC machine, connect to your Citrix Web Store URL and download the Citrix Receiver Installer from there. The downloaded file name is CitrixReceiverWeb.exe.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\FlexApp Packaging Console\VirtFSService\x64 and open the file called VirtFsService.exe.config with Notepad.
  2. Edit the 'IgnoredRegPaths' entries so that it only includes the following


3. Save changes and close Notepad.


If you are Windows 7…

 Start FPC and create a package for Citrix Receiver with desired settings.

 Wait for Citrix installer to complete and then save package.

 Citrix Receiver has now been successfully packaged.


If you are Windows 10…

Start FPC and create a new package.

Use the LocalDisk as the package type and a local destination for the package path.



Citrix installer will start and proceed through the installation. Once completed finish and Save package.


Once the package has been completed, clone the package and select VHD as the package type. (VHD location should be set to network share)


Once successfully cloned, the new package can be played back as desired and the original discarded.

 Citrix Receiver has now been successfully packaged on Windows 10.

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