FlexApp "Enable Click to Layer" setting in ProfileUnity console is not taking effect

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: August 2, 2017



In ProfileUnity Console "Enable Click to Layer" is selected and its not taking effect.


The shortcut to the application is created and not to a JitCut.exe like it should be.

Possible Resolution(s): 

The DIA application was created in older version of ProfileUnity and it needs to be upgraded to 6.7 DIA application.


1) Remove DIA application from ProfileUnity configuration (or clone the application in FPC console)

2) Open ProfileUnity FlexApp Packaging Console and select "Edit Package's Metadata" on old package or recently cloned package.

3) On Next screen select "OK":

4) The DIA package is converted in to DIA 6.7 you can recognize this by noticing .ico file present in the VHD package directory:

5) There is no other changes needed besides re-adding back the DIA application to ProfileUnity configuration. With next user long the shortcut will be created with CTL setting. 

If the user decides to use the application and executes the shortcut, the DIA application will be delivered to the user's desktop:

Application executes:

Note: The shortcut now is updated and it points to the application executable, so next time its opened it will lunch the DIA application. The shortcut will stay in this form until user logs off and opens another session. 

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