User is Invalid - Logging into the ProfileUnity Console with Differing UPN Suffix Accounts.

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: All

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: Sept 29, 2017

The ProfileUnity Console Authentication Mode is set to the use domain authentication but user accounts are set with an alternate UPN suffix. Logging in with an alternate UPN suffix account may let you in once, but subsequent logins fail with an "User is Invalid" error. Otherwise the user will receive an "Invalid username or password" error.


The ProfileUnity host is in the domain.

User John, whose account uses an alternate UPN -, logs into the console as John.doe. If he is able to log in, ProfileUnity creates the account as Subsequent logins fail with an "User is Invalid" error.

If he is not able to log in he will receive the 'Invalid username or password.' error.



Log into the console as admin and navigate to Administration page. 

Select Users and Roles.

If the user exists, delete the account.

Click on Add User.

In the new window, check Link to Active Directory

In the Name field, enter the username the user will use to logon to ProfileUnity without any UPN suffix.

Example: John.Doe

Click Save.


 Note: This behavior will be addressed in an upcoming release.




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