Space threshold based auto-deletes are not working in Stratusphere 6.0

Product: Stratusphere FIT/UX

Product Version: 6.0.0

Expires On: 365 days from publish date




Stratusphere Data Retention is not auto-deleting data from the database based on Space threshold.


Stratusphere 6.0.0


Stratusphere Database is configured to auto-delete oldest data from the database either based on an Age threshold or a Space threshold. If the Age threshold is not set, i.e. 0, then the disk Space threshold is used to auto-delete the oldest data from the database to make space for newer CID Key data to be inserted. In Stratusphere 6.0.0, the Space threshold is not auto-deleting data from the database as expected.

The patch for this problem is bundled in a cumulative update. This cumulative patch should be applied to the Hub and Collector appliances - it will install the relevant patches automatically. The cumulative patch fixes the following problems:

  • Space threshold based auto-deletes are not working (current)
  • CPU Queue is missing in certain Advanced Inspector views
  • Details check box in Advanced Inspectors is not showing certain columns
  • Issue updating FIT & UX Profiles
  • Hub discards CID Key data if it reports a patch with no name or version


  • Please log out of all Stratusphere Web UI sessions.
  • Liquidware strongly recommends taking a snapshot of your Hub and Database appliances before proceeding.
  • Download the following patch file using right-click and Save As:
  • Use WinSCP to upload the patches from your desktop to the Stratusphere Hub and/or Collector appliance. Use friend/sspassword as credentials within WinSCP and upload the patch file within the default /home/friend folder.
  • Use PuTTY to SSH to the Stratusphere Hub and/or Collector appliance using friend/sspassword as credentials. Then switch to the superuser using the command 'su -' and enter sspassword when prompted.
  • Execute the following commands:
    • cd /home/friend
    • chmod +x
    • ./
    • rm
  • Log out of the PuTTY session entering Ctrl+d twice.
  • Please wait 10-15 minutes for the Stratusphere services and Web UI to be available. Then log into the Web UI's Administration product, and navigate to the Hub Administration > Data Retention tab. Please review the Status tab and make any necessary changes to the Auto-Delete Settings tab.
  • Please make sure you have also installed the latest security patch for Stratusphere 6.0 as noted here:


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