Best practice for creating FlexApp DIA applications with the FlexApp Packaging Console

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 6.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: July 11, 2018



What are the best practices to create DIA applications with the FlexApp Packaging Console?



Step 1) The FlexApp Packaging Console should be installed on a vanilla Windows system which:

  • Does not have 3rd party applications installed (aside from VM tools)
  • Is a VM which can revert snapshots
  • Does not have Anti-Virus software installed
  • Does have all windows updates installed (same as Gold/Master Image)
  • System OS and bit level should match VM's in the vMware View/Citrix server pool where DIA will be deployed. 
  • The system should not be member of a domain now or previously

Note: FlexApp cannot capture .msu installations (Microsoft Update Standalone Packages).

Step 2a) The Windows 7 image used should be optimized.

Step 2b) The windows 10 image used should be prepared by:

  • Uninstall vMware View Agent (If left on VM it creates issues for Office Activation scripts)
  • Disabling the Windows Update service
  • Disabling Windows Defender
  • Disabling Windows System Restore and restore points on all hard drives.
  • Disabling the Volume Shadow Copy service.
  • Disabling Windows Search service.
  • Disabling Superfetch service
  • Not adding the console VM to the domain.
  • .net 4.5.6 or 4.6.1 or later - Required for vmdk DIA packages
  • Installing any required prerequisite software packages that are also installed on the gold image/master image, such as the following:
    • Example Laser Jet 4 (RightFax)
    • Any other Microsoft .NET version other than the ones listed above
    • J#
    • Java
    • C++ Runtimes
    • Printer Drivers

Step 3) Packaging apps on Windows 10 and Windows 7 with FlexApp requires all C++ runtimes in the base OS of FPC and on the target (Win 10) desktop: 
Note: Windows 64-bit must install both x86 and x64 C++ runtimes

To install ALL packages (recommended) on FPC and Base image follow instructions in this article on github:

Frameworks c++, jsharp and 3.5


Step 4) Install the FlexApp Packaging Console software.

Step 5) 4 Log in to the FlexApp Packaging Console, pointing it to the ProfileUnity web console:

Step 6) Close the FAPC software, shut the VM down, and take a snapshot. 

The console is ready to create DIA packages.

Note: After capturing every DIA package, revert to the initial snapshot. This will ensure that any testing is done with a clean system and that further packages will not be 'polluted' with leftover settings and software from previous packages.

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