VHD Retry Timeouts and Retry counts for NetApp or Windows Server

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.6 +

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 13, 2016




VHD files do not mount at login when using NetApp storage or Windows Server shares


Possible Resolution(s):

System Environment Variables need to mofified to allow for a Higher retry count, with a longer delay between Retries on the base image. Then a new snapshot taken and pool recomposed

1. Right Click My Computer, or access Computer Properties

2. Select the Advanced Tab

3. Click on Environment Variables

4. Under System Variables, click New....


5. Variable Name = VHD_RETRY_INTERVAL_MS

    Variable Value   = 3000


6. Click New... again to create another System Variable


7. Variable Name = VHD_RETRY_COUNT

     Variable Value  = 20



NOTE: The Variable Value for VHD_RETRY_COUNT can be adjust if 20 is not enough. It should be however.


Take a new snapshot of the base image and recompose the pool from the new snapshot.





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