How to diagnose long logon times?

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Updated: Feb 15, 2012


Problem: How to diagnose long logon times?


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There are multiple items that can affect login and logoff times. Chief among these is related to the portability rule sets that are enacted and the amount of data they are harvesting, backing up and restoring. Examining the size of the 7z archives that are created is one way to see if these files are large and if a"tuning" of the rule set is required.


For example, the default application data rule set when invoked merges the entirety of the user's application data folder with a couple of exceptions. There are many different non-essential files and directories in this folder(sun\java\deploymentsystem\cache as an example). That can be excluded because it contains temp files that are not necessary session to session.


In addition to portability rule sets, provisioning tasks such as the additions ofe xcessive & multiple printers, or delivery of many and multiple provisioning tasks can also impact the loading times for users

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