What are Portability Settings vs. Folder Redirection?

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Problem: What are Portability Settings vs. Folder Redirection?


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Portability Rule Set defines the possible things that can be harvested, backed-up and restored session to session.

Folder-Redirection is the concept of changing the User'sregistry setting of one or more shell folder location from the default location in the local file system to a network share or path.


Portability Settings have two components, a registry setting and a file system setting. The registry setting defined a Merge, Replace or Exclude function on a Tree, Key or Value in the HKEY Current User Registry hive. All paths in this section of a Rule Set are relative that hive.

The Filesystem component defines a Merge, Replace or Exclude on a file, directory or set of files (using wildcards) relative to a starting directory (e.g. Application Data, User Profile, system drive, etc.) the path specified here is relative to the folder you select.

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