Slow Logon Times

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: ALL

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: June 8, 2012



Slow logon times for user/s after ProfileUnity is enabled.



Profile Unity splash screen is running.


Possible Resolution(s):

Install 7zip to open *.7z files from user's home directory. Check how large are the 7z files in "\\%logonserver%\Home\<username>\Portabilty. of the user which is experiencing slow logon times.  Open largest *.7z file. Browse directories and look for application which has "cache" directory.  Like for example Java. Please exclude that directory from "Portability Management" Section and "Application Data" Rullset. 

Steps in ProfileUnity to exclude cache directory within "Application Data": 

Log in to ProfileUnity. Go to: Portability Management>Click Edit (next to "Application Data")

File system Rules:

Operation: Exclude. Folder: "Application Data" Path: Sun\Java\Cache   (This is example, folder may vary)


Note: This will affect all users. For this setting to take effect the user needs to log off. Log back in. Log off again. Then @ second logon settings is in effect and user should have faster logon time.

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