ProfileUnity splash screen hangs on logon for long time

Product: ProfileUnity
Product Version: 5.0
Expires on:365 days from publish date
Updated: June 8, 2012
Problem: When user logs in to VM, the ProfileUnity's script runs and log on ProfileUnity splash screen stays on for long time (about 5 min)
After loging in there is no "b:" flex app drive present. 
Symptoms: When trying to access %logonserver% or "..\netlogon\profileunity\"
the connection times out. The browsing of the remote logon share is impossible. 
Possible Resolution(s):
Please make sure that you can browse you default domain logon shares before trying to run ProfileUnity again.
Restarting the DC or fixing avability of those network resources is crucial to running ProfileUnity software
Please check:  (network cards, DNS, communication, permissions/security on shares)
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