ProfileUnity does not execute. (no RSOP data)

Product: ProfileUnity
Product Version: 5.0
Expires on:365 days from publish date
Updated: August 7, 2012
Problem: When user logs in to VM, the ProfileUnty does not execute.
There is no FlexApp drive (b:)
Symptoms: The Profile Unity group policy did not run.
To test when running "gpersult /H test.html" on the VM
the error is returned: "the user <user name> has no RSOP data.
Possible Resolution(s)
This error occurs usually when:
Default domain policy did not propagate to all DC's
or there is a communication problem with DC or AD.
a.) Please wait 2 hours to make sure all domain policies replicated across.
b.) Please read this article for troubleshooting this error message:
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