How to stop FlexApp UIA from capturing a package

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: May 23, 2013



Adobe Flash Player is trying to auto update itself and invoking FlexApp to run and try to capture ActiveX component.


This is when IE is started and Adobe Flash Player install is launched thus causing Liquidware Labs Flexapp to start and try to caputre the file.

The name of the executalbe is "FlashUtil32_11_7_700_202_ActiveX.exe"



Possible Resolution(s):

Solution 1:

This particular executable needs to be excluded from Flexapp.

There is a list of executables we exclude from capturing and here is how you edit that list:

In your Netlogon\ProfileUnity directory find Extract the files and find "lwl_userapp.xml" edit the file.

Below "Installers" section please add this line <installer path="FlashUtil32_11_7_700_202_ActiveX.exe" capture="0" />

Note: If you have different installer name which you want not to be captured by FlexApp replace accordingly. 

Save the file with rest of the extracted files to within your ...netlogon\profileunity directory

Copy and overwrite existing

If you have non-persistant pool with OUT Profile Unity on the base/gold image than just restart/recompose your pool and you are done.


Note: If Profile Unity is on the base image or installed than you need to follow this procedure to force an Profile Unity update:

Open base image and log in as an local Administrator and run Uninstall.vbs than shortly after run Startup.vbs this will update the Profile Unity on the base image.


Soultion 2:

By default Adobe Flash Player periodically checks for new versions and gives users option to update. This may be not a desirable behaviour if flash player is deployed centrally. This also may cause a problem if users do not have local administrator rights. Installation not only fails but often breaks existing installation.

To disable auto update you need to create file mms.cfg and place it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash on every client computer (32bit). On 64bit machines location is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash

The file should have only one line of text AutoUpdateDisable=1 It must be saved in UTF-8 encoding. You can choose encoding in a notepad after pressing "Save As..."

mms.cfg file can be distributed using Group Policy.


Note: After you fix the issue your user most likely is left with multiple directories within his "FlexApp" (app_root folder) virtual disk




Note: You can delete now all extra directories which contain "FLashUtil32_11_6_602_171_ActiveX.exe" (name of the installer executable) after blocking flash from installing.


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