ProfileUnity FlexApp DIA not working. None of the applications are available to users

Product: ProfileUnity
Product Version: 5.5
Expires on: 365 days from publish date
Updated: May 31, 2013
No DIA (Departmental Installed Applications)  applications/packages appear to be replaying.
No applications available after user log-in.
Possible Resolution(s)


This may be due to the lack of an appropriate license (located in netlogon\ProfileUnity folder) with DIA flags.

The image 1 shows a non-DIA license. Please notice there is no "+DIA" in the description.

To have the DIA running properly, it is necessary to have a valid license as seen below (see image 2).

As you may notice, the license should include "+DIA" in a description; otherwise, the DIA will not be available.


Image 1


Image 2




NOTE: To get a valid license, please contact your sales representative.

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