How to remove application shortcut created on desktop or start menu by DIA

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5

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Updated: June 5, 2013



I would like to remove shortcut created by DIA (Departmental Installed Application)


The DIA created by FPC (FlexApp Packaging Console) is creating an invalid shortcut. Also the shorcut could be valid but unecessary and only adds to cluter the desktop.


Possible Resolution(s):

There is no current DIA package editing software and the steps have to be performed manually.
For example we will delete a "vSphere" shortcut created by DIA package.
  1. Deactivate the package by pressing the "stop" button.
  2. Open Disk Management (any machine) Action>Attach VHD Example: Computer Management_2013-06-05_01-56-11.jpg
  3. Point to VHD which was just created by installing DIA application. (In this example vSphere)D2013-01-30UTC22-46-19-359-VMware-viclient.jpg
  4. Open the disk and browse to location of the shortcut Note: Depending on software it may vary.
  5. Delete "VMware vSphere Client" shortcut (visible above)Note: This only works one way (delete). Creating a new shortcut in that location will not create a shortcut on user's destktop.
  6. Detatch from the VHD

Next time when the the application is deployed it should not create the shortcut on user's desktop.

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