How do I create a ICA Client - Custom Function Filter

Product: ProfileUnity

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Updated: June 6, 2012


Problem: How do I create a custom function filter to use ICA client


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Possible Resolution(s)

  1. Create a text file named icaclient.kix
  2. Add the following text to the file (this is a “contains” function)–

function clientname($contains)

  if (instr(readvalue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\Session", "ClientName"), $contains) <> 0)

    ; return 1 on success

    $clientname = 1


    ; return 0 on failure

    $clientname = 0




3.   Save the file to the ProfileUnity folder under the netlogon share.

4.   Edit the ProfileUnity config where you want to use the filter.

5.   Add a User Defined Script

                5.2 ProU example




7.   Modify “1471” in the filter settings above for the part of the client name to which you want this filter to apply.

8.    Save config file to netlogon share and test.


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