How to capture a program installed to custom directory using DIA/UIA deployment.

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: August 16, 2013



FPC (FlexApp Packaging Console) and FlexApp running @ user's desktop, is configured by default to capture only default program installations pointing to %programfiles% directory. Installed programs directly to "C:\Custom_Directory" will not be capture without following instructions below. 


Non standard application's which require an install to a custom directory these will not get captured by DIA (Departmental Installed Application) or UIA (User Installed Application).  For this example we'll use the  "Oracle" client.  The Oracle client will not accept a directory with spaces or special characters like "()"

Thus we can only install Oracle to example path C:\app (Default oracle install directory)


Possible Resolution(s):

On FPC (FlexApp Packaging Console) 

Please verify that your FlexApp Packaging Process is not running.


Step 1.

Create directory "app" in the root of your drive "C" (C:\app)


Step 2.


Option A. FlexApp Packaging Console (for DIA): 

Edit "lwl_userapp.xml" file with notepad located @ "C:\Program Files\Liquidware Labs\FlexApp Packaging Console"


Option B. User's Desktop (for UIA)

Edit "lwl_userapp.xml" file with notepad located @ "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\FlexApp"

IMPORTANT: To make the change permanent for all the users (UIA only) please edit "lwl_userapp.xml" located in

Option A. "\\\netlogon\profileunity\" and re-package "" (While saving DO NOT save directory structure)

(Restart of VDI required for GPO to install updated version of ProfileUnity with new

Option B. "C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\FlexApp" when PU is on the base/gold image.

(Recompose of VDI pool is required for ProfileUnity with new version of lwl_userapp.xml)

Note: For DIA applications this change does not need to be implemented on the base image.


Step 3.

Add following line to "<Targets>" section

<target type="filesystem" path="C:\app" />





Step 4.

Save the file.

Step 5.

Option A. FlexApp Packaging Console (for DIA):

    • Step A1) Start FPC and during package creation point Oracle client to install to "C:\app"

Option B. 

Option B.A) User's Desktop (for UIA):

      • Step B1) Restart all 3 ProfileUnity services
      • Step B2) Run the installer.

Option B.B)  VDI Desktop Pool

Recompose after updating gold image


Restart VDI after updating (No ProfileUnity on base image) 

Step 6) Install the application package. 




IMPORTANT NOTE: Directory "C:\app" has to be pre-created in gold image for this DIA application to play back.

Or follow this KB article: How to create a custom directory during logon using ProfileUnity's Application Launcher


To verify the install (or playback) of the Oracle DIA application check 2 directories for simlinks (in blue):

"C:\app\<username>" and "C:\Program Files\Oracle"


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