Online presence feature is not working within my Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Lync

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: June 26, 2013



Online presence is not showing in Outlook in non persistent VDI pool of destkops.



When running Outlook with Lync (and ProfileUnity is running) that you can no longer see the "status" of a person anymore (available/Presence Unknown/busy). Outlook and Lync the online status between the two programs doesn’t work.


Also “Show Quick Contacts” is not available.



To test:



Step 1. Close Outlook

Step 2. Open this registry location: HKCU\Software\IM Providers\Communicator\UpAndRunning

Step 3. Change value “1” to “2"

Step 4. Start Outlook:


Online presence should work.



If you modify this value and log off and log back in, Starting Lync would change this back to “1”

When Lync 2010 is started after login it resets this key to "1"


And “To-Do Bar Options” has “Show Quick Contacts” available.




Possible Resolution(s):

Create an image without Communicator/Lync Upgrade. Clean image should have only Office and Lync installed without history of Microsoft Communicator on the system.

Recompose the VDI pool and attempt to try again




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