How to migrate users from Folder Redirected Application Data to Portability

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: November 26, 2013



My users are using Folder Redirection for AppData and because of performance issues I need to migrate them to Application Data located on local folder and at the same time saving the contents of AppData with portability.



Slow performance of my network/disk heavy Application(s).

Note: this is usually when Application Data and/or Local Application data are redirected to UNC share.


Possible Resolution(s):


 Enable Portability on Both Application Data(s) - (Longer logon/logoff)

Step 1) Add "Portability Setting Rule" to your ProfileUnity configuration:

For better performance please uncheck "Apply Registry Rules" Be sure to also uncheck "Only Apply to Local Shell Folders" so that the portability engine backs up the AppData information from the redirected path.




Step 2) Save, Update and download the new default.ini to ...netlogon\profileunity directory.

Step 3) User(s) must log in once and logoff with the new configuration.  (This will create a new portability files)

Step 4) (For Persistent machines ONLY) Edit Folder Redirection Setting for Application Data and Local Application Data, select "Reset to Default"



Step 5) Save, Update and download the new default.ini to ...netlogon\profileunity directory.

Step 6) The logon might take little longer with this login because of copying and extracting of 7z files to local c:\users\AppData\Roaming directory.

Note: Taskbar icons might get affected. User would have to re-set them and create new pinned items on task bar.

Note: If the file gets to big additional exclusions needs to be added to the ruleset. 

Note: If you would like to accomplish opposite task, follow this KB: Application Data migration from Portability to Folder Redirection

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