Update Printers on Reconnect to vMware View Desktops or XenDesktop VDAs

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.6 and newer

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: June 4, 2015



Users in my environment lock their desktops and walk away, then unlock it at a different location. When they try to print, only printers from their old location are available for them to print to.  



When user unlocks a vMware View or XenDesktop session at a different location, the printers mapped to the session are from the old location. 


Possible Resolution(s):

It is possible to refresh printers when a user reconnects to a VMware View or XenDesktop virtual desktop. With the proper filters in the printers.ini config, printers can be mapped to the virtual desktop based on the View Client information, such as IP address or View client name.


Step 1) Create all filters (ProfileUnity Console - Filter Management) Example of Filter Rules: when "View Client Name is" or "Begins with"

Step 2) Create two folders:

    • \\<domain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity\scripts
    • \\<domain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity\ini

Step 3) copy the "printers.cmd" (attached) to \\<domain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity\scripts

Step 4) Import those 2 (attached) configuration files "VMware View Reconnect.json" and "Printers.json" to your Configuration Management section of PU

Step 5) Download the "VMware View Reconnect.ini" configuration file from your ProfileUnity console to: \\<domain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity

Step 6) In ProfileUnity Console update "Printers" configuration to list all necessary printers configured with appropriate filters (step 1)

Step 7) Download the "Printers.ini" configuration file from your ProfileUnity console to \\<domain>\netlogon\ProfileUnity\ini

Note: The printers.cmd file expects the printers.ini to be located in the "ini" sub-folder, however if the printers.ini is saved in the normal location the printers.cmd file needs to be modified.

Note #2: This same configuration will work for XenDesktop as well. You can rename the .json file to your liking.

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