Custom wallpaper is reset back to default (generally a windows default) on non-persistent

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: September 11, 2013



On persistent desktop, user sets the wallpaper in one session and in the next session it appears but then resets to another wallpaper (generally a Windows Default) seconds into the session.


In one session the user can set the wallpaper or theme.  This is captured by the Windows Appearance ruleset in ProfileUnity (confirm that this ruleset is enabled in your configuration).  The ruleset restores in the user's next session, but then the wallpaper resets to Windows default.  The reset can be immediate so you may not see the user's wallpaper at all, or it can be as long as several seconds into the session when it resets. This only happens on persistent machines. 


Possible Resolution(s):

This is very unique example, because this is only happens when Local GPO is applied (configured on base image) with a setting to set theme to default windows theme.

  1. Verify that your Local Computer Policy is not forcing that change go to:
  2. Open "Console" Start>Run>mmc add/remove snap in>Group Policy Object Editor>Local Computer
  3. Than browse to: User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Control Panel>Personalization>Load a specific Theme
  4. Check if its "Enabled" and path to theme file is C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aereo.theme than modify the setting to "Not Configured"

Example where to find this setting:


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