Printers are not persisting between Windows 7 and Windows XP

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.6

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: September 26, 2013



My users are moving between Windows XP (x86) to Window 7 (x64) and back to Windows XP (x86)




When users move from Windwos XP (x86) to Windows 7 (x64) printers are migrated.

When users move from Windows 7 (x64) to Windows XP (x86) the printers are missing.


Possible Resolution(s):

Because difference of the operating system combined with different architecture (x86 vs x64) creates a problem when migrating printers back to 32bit version of windows XP.

The workaround is to have 2 separate portability rules pointing to same UID:

  • Windows XP (Save and Restore) configured with "Windows XP" Filter
  • Windows 7 (Restore Only) configured with "Windows 7" Filter 

The limitation of this configuration is, when printers are added or modified in Windows 7, the changes will not persist (will not be saved). The purpose of this is to help with migration and once all the users are on Windows 7 than Windows XP Portability rule can be disabled and Windows 7 Portability Rule can be changed to Save and Restore.


Edit current configuration within ProfileUnity Console. Go to Portability Settings. Copy "Printers" Portability Rule:



Edit 1st Rule:

    • Filter: Windows 7
    • Actions: Restore
    • Ruleset: None
    • UID: Printers


Edit 2nd Rule:

    • Filter: Windows XP
    • Actions: Save, Restore
    • Ruleset: Printers
    • UID: Printers


After making changes above rulesets should look like this:



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