logoff.vbs will not run during logoff thus not saving any settings

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.6

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 3, 2013



The ProfileUnity GPO is configured correctly and logoff.vbs is fails to execute during logoff



1.) Nothing is saved and no portability files are not created in "portability" folder in user's home share

2.) When manually executing script "logoff.vbs" no log off splash screen.

Logoff splash screen of PU 5.6.27x, Example:



Possible Resolution(s):

Step 1) Copy all contents from this folder:

  • \\\netlogon\profileunity\logoff


  • \\\netlogon\profileunity

Step 2) Open ProfileUnity GPO, go to User Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Scripts>Logoff> and replace this line:

  • %systemroot%\wscript.exe


  • \\\netlogon\ProfileUnity\LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Logoff.exe
  • Important: The second line (pointing to logoff.vbs) should be cleared. (empty)
  • Save, close GPO.
  • Recompose VDI pool or restart/reset VDI desktops


Note: LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Logoff.exe is not compatible with windows XP

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