Status: Printer: Offline after ProfileUnity logon - ThinClient

Product: ProfileUnity FlexApp

Product Version: 5.6

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 11, 2013



Everytime my user's logoff and log back in to thin client (Wise P25) they need to reinstall local USB printer (Dell 2350D)



The drivers are on the base image and ProfileUnity is using "Printers" portability rule.


Possible Resolution(s):

Although "Printers" portability rule is used ProfileUnity can't capture and make portable ANY local USB printers. ProfileUnity can only:

  • Publish Network Printers
  • Capture Network Printers
  • Capture TCP/IP Printers

If the USB printer is coming back "Offline" its because the "Default" driver installed on the "Base/Master" image of the Thin client does not contain this printer on the list within *.inf file(s) And auto install fails to install correct driver when local printer is detected after logon.


1) Open Base/Master image on your thin client for editng

2) Edit the default print driver file(s) *.inf and add the printer to the list



Note: There could be more files that needs editing.

3) Add the printer to printer list (point to local default printer driver)

4) Logoff /Close the Gold/Master image from editing

The printer now should show as "Online" for the subsiquent users logging in to this particular client.

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