Multiple thinreg.exe and cmd.exe in task bar after logon

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5.x

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Updated: October 22, 2013



After user's login to the desktop there are multiple thinreg.exe and cmd.exe processes present. The ThinApp applications are slow to load as well. Even if none of the "ThinApp" settings are applying because of the filters, and there aren't any ThinApp applications to load there are still many thinreg.exe processes present. I have total of about 100 ThinApp applications but only few are assigned (using filters) to each user. My desktops consist of multiple VDI non persistent machines.



Multiple "thinreg.exe" and "cmd.exe" in task bar present for about 1-3 min after logon.


thinreg.jpg               cmd.exe.jpg 


Possible Resolution(s):

There are 2 important ProfileUnity ThinApp settings which can be cause this, here are explanations what they do:


Setting A) "Register Asynchronously" (Default is Disabled)

"By default, ProfileUnity waits for each ThinReg operation to complete prior to continuing. When this option is selected, ProfileUnity will not wait and will process multiple ThinReg operations in parallel."

In this example above this option was selected so ProfileUnity executed all thinreg.exe as soon as it could before waiting for another thinreg.exe process to finished.

Setting B) "Remove When Out of Scope" (Default is Disabled) (Should be Disabled for non-persistent systems)

"Enabling this option will remove the ThinApp package if the selected Filter returns false."

The purpose of this setting is for ThinApp running on persistent machines or desktop. When the filter returns a value "false" and this setting is checked the thinreg.exe is executed with flags to uninstall the application. This is so ThinApp application is uninstalled from user's system upon logon.  This setting is not necessary for Non-Persistent VDI Pools because with each logoff desktop is refreshed and there are no ThinApp applications present.



Note: More ThinApp switches can be found on page 159 of ProfileUnity Help Manual found here: 



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