ProfileUnity Console "About" page shows License Count of 5

Product: ProfileUnity FlexApp

Product Version: 5.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: November 7, 2013



ProfileUnity Console "About" page shows License Count of 5 while I know that I have more licenses. Also where does the "License user Count" comes from?






Possible Resolution(s):

The License count of "5" is read from the profileunity.lic located in "C:\Program Files\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity.Net" for 5.7.x/6.0.x and C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity for 6.5.x directory of your ProfileUnity Console server. The amount of "5" licenses comes with ProfileUnity download it is a trial license with expiration date. Purchased licenses don't have expiration date.



  • License count: Amount of Licenses contained in profileunity.lic
  • License Expiration: When ProfileUnity Trial license will expire read from profileunity.lic
  • License Organization: Default trial license will have "Liquidware Labs" read from profileunity.lic
  • License Type: Perpetual - Read from profileunity.lic
  • License Version: Read from profileunity.lic
  • License Group: Is a security group name in AD - Read from profileunity.lic (Can be modified manually)
  • License User Count: With AD authentication "License Group" returns a value how many users (including nested users) is in that group
  • Os Name: Operating System where ProfileUnity Console is installed
  • Os Version: Version of OS where ProfileUnity Console is installed
  • Os Bit Version: System architecture where ProfileUnity Console is installed

Note: The distinguished name in profileunity.lic will not be recognized by the console.

To update above information with your current license count and information please copy license located in "\\\netlogon\profileunity" to your ProfileUnity Server's "ProfileUnity.NET" directory.

Note: This "About" page contains data for only your information only and it will not impact operations. The actual Production license which is read each time user logs in is located in the same directory as "Default.ini" which is usually "\\\netlogon\ProfileUnity" directory. This location should contain a valid license.


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