How to extract contents of .LOU and .LBR Archives using Louzip

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 6.5.x

Updated: August 1, 2017



Starting with ProfileUnity 5.7, users have the ability to select a newer, faster, non-legacy archive format for storing portability data.  This new archive format has extension of .lou and/or .lbr, rather than the previously used .7z.  In the event that these newer archives need to manually extracted or viewed, a user can use louzip.exe to accomplish this. 

(LouZip.exe is attached at the bottom of the KB)


Zips/Unzips (or lists contents of) .lou files
Creates/lists content of .lbr files
Creates/lists content of .lbr.lou files

LOUZIP.exe /? Display help

LOUZIP.exe [/zip] [.lou file or .7z file] [directory]

LOUZIP.exe [/unzip] [.lou file or .7z file] [directory]

LOUZIP.exe [/list] [/abbr (optional)] [.lou file or .lbr file or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z file]

LOUZIP.exe [/export] [.lbr file or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z] [regpath]

LOUZIP.exe [/convert] [.lbr file or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z] [.reg file]

/zip zips directory to .lou or .7z file
/unzip unzips .lou or .7z file to directory
/list lists the .lou or .lbr or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z file contents, use /abbr to limits binarys to 10 bytes
/export creates .lbr or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z file given input reg key path
/convert creates .reg given input .lbr or .lbr.lou or .lbr.7z file


Example 1: LOUZIP /unzip appdata.lou c:\unzipped

(Louzip will unzip the contents of the appdata.lou archive to the local C:\unzipped folder)

Example 2: LOUZIP /list .\3rdParty93435345.lbr.7z >test.txt

(louzip will pipe the content of the lbr in 7z file to text document)

Example 3: LOUZIP /convert 3rdParty91d3505.lbr.7z .\test.reg

(louzip will unzip and convert the .lbr.7z to .reg file)



Note: The destination folder needs to exist prior to running the command.


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