ProfileUnity How to enable debug logging

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 6.5+

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Updated: January 25, 2018



Starting with ProfileUnity 5.7, drastically improved logging is available for ProfileUnity client, which is very helpful in identifying and resolving problems arising with Portability. ProfileUnity 6.5 allows us to change logging inside the ProfileUnity console.

Note: This document is for 6.5+ only. For versions 5.7-6.0, see this document.

Debug logs:

  • ProfileUnity System logs by default will go to: "C:\Windows\Temp\ProfileUnity".
  • ProfileUnity user logs by default will go to: "%temp%\ProfileUnity"

Note: System Debug Logs are always set to "Debug" mode and they can't be redirected. 

How to get user Logon/Logoff Debug Logs:


  1. Open ProfileUnity Console
  2. Edit ProfileUnity configuration in use
  3. Go "Main" 
  4. Select: "Enable Client Log Filter" 
  5. Select Client Login Level: Debug
    • Optional: Client Logging Filter recommended (Setting will apply only to limited group of users once set properly) 
    • Optional: Client Logging Path recommended. example: \\server\share\%username%\logs



6. Once the changes have been made to the config click UPDATE in the upper right hand corner of the ProfileUnity console

7. Re-download the ini to your netlogon location

Note: ProfileUnity user logs will go to: "%temp%\ProfileUnity" by default if they are not redirected (screenshot above)

When writing to network share such as \\server\share\%username%\logs be sure user has rights to write to that network location. 


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