User defined script executes for ALL users and not for certain AD Security group

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: December 5, 2013




2 Configurations. 

1st configuration is main configuration

2nd configuration settings:

A) Is set to execute only when user is part of certain (Example: Accounting) security group (setting changed in "Main" section of ProfileUnity configuration)



B) Has a setting to execute user defined script.




The script from 2nd configuration is executing for all users. Thus setting in 'Main" section of ProfileUnity does not take effect.


Possible Resolution(s):

At this time this is a limitation of our product. Any setting in "User Defined Scrips" with setting "Before ProfileUnity at Logon (Pre-Logo) will always execute regardless of "Group" AD setting in PU Configuration. This defect will be corrected in one of the later releases.



Delete User Defined script from 2nd configuration and add Application Launcher rule to execute the script.

Here is an example how to configure "Application Launcher" How to run an elevated script using ProfileUnity Application Launcher

Order of execution:

  • If the script needs to be executed before your default configuration rename your file beginning with "01" Example: 01Default.ini
  • If the script needs to be executed after your default configuration rename your file beginning with "X" Example: XDefault.ini

Note: Scripts from ...netlogon\profileunity directory are executed in numerical/alphabetical order

Test configuration before deploying in production. 


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