How to make my ProfileUnity login faster?

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 5.7+, 6.0.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: May 13, 2015



I have upgraded to newer version of ProfileUnity but don't see much change in login speed.

Slow login speed. Slow logon speed.



Only slight improvement in login speed.


Possible Resolution(s):

There are 6 possible configuration changes that can utilize full capability of ProfileUnity.

1) In ProfileUnity Console go to "Main" Section and uncheck "Legacy Mode"

Note: Legacy Mode is required if ProfileUnity is running on Windows XP and server 2003

2) Verify that "Portability Compression" is set to: "No Compression" (fastest option)

Note: The size of the files might increase in size by x2 or more.

3) If Printers are installed with ProfileUnity verify that each printer has "Process Action After Login" selected

4) If there are "Mapped Drives" in ProfileUnity configuration, verify that "Process Action After Login" is selected.

Note: Verify that there are no login dependencies (Ex. Redirected Local AppData) on this mapped drives before making that change. 

5) Edit portability ruleset inside "Portability Management" called "Internet Explorer - xx" make a change from:

Replace cookies

Replace Favorites

Replace History


Merge Cookies

Merge Favorites

Merge History

6) Check "Folder Redirection", on all rules where "Copy to new location" is selected make sure you also select "Only Migrate Existing Files on Primary Client"

7) Look for "User Defined Scripts" and "Application Launcher Rules" as they might slow down your login.

8) 2 CPU per VM, 2GB RAM Minimum

9) Use following list of exceptions for your AntiVirus:  List of Exceptions

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