What are necessary NTFS Permissions on user's home directory? (Storage Path)

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Updated: December 26, 2013

I need to create storage path and I don't know what permissions to set on the folder for my users.


Possible Resolution(s):

ProfileUnity needs the appropriate permissions configured on the storage path for proper operation.

NTFS Permissions

User Account: Administrator

Recommended Permissions: Full Control

Folder: This folder, Subfolders, and files


User Account: Authenticated User

Recommended Permissions: Modify

Folder: This folder only


User Account: Creator/Owner

Recommended Permissions: Modify

Folder: Subfolders and files only

Note: Alternatively, you can specify Everyone Full Control for testing purposes.


Share Permissions:

The recommended share permissions for the storage path are Everyone Full Control.


If using older Netapp Filer systems:

You have to set the “options cifs.smb2.enable on” previously it could be off and using smb version 1.


FYI, Microsoft suggest following rights to the home shares/redirected folders:


  1. Select a central location in your environment where you would like to store Folder Redirection, and then share this folder.
  2. Set Share Permissions for the Everyone group to Full Control.
  3. Use the following settings for NTFS Permissions:
  • CREATOR OWNER - Full Control (Apply onto: Subfolders and Files Only)
  • System - Full Control (Apply onto: This Folder, Subfolders and Files)
  • Domain Admins - Full Control (Apply onto: This Folder, Subfolders and Files)
  • Everyone - Create Folder/Append Data (Apply onto: This Folder Only)
  • Everyone - List Folder/Read Data (Apply onto: This Folder Only)
  • Everyone - Read Attributes (Apply onto: This Folder Only)
  • Everyone - Traverse Folder/Execute File (Apply onto: This Folder Only)

Pay attention when configuring the home directory or folder redirection policies.  If you enable the setting to give the user exclusive access to the folder, you will override the inherited permissions and need to reset the ACL.

Note: For more information refer to: ProfileUnity Installation Guide.

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