How to migrate PST files using ProfileUnity and vbs script

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.x

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 15, 2015



How to migrate .PST files to a specific location on the server or a share?





Possible Resolution(s):

The attached vb script will connect to Outlook, record pst locations, remove the pst from Outlook, copy the pst’s to a new location and reattach the users pst files to Outlook.

Step 1) pst_files.txt

  • Modify the "pst_files.txt"

Line 23 – needs to be updated with a valid server name for the log file location.

Line 68 – needs to be updated with a valid copyLocation.  This is where the pst files will be moved.

  • The attached "pst_files.txt" The txt file is a vb script and needs the file extension changed to .vbs.
  • Copy the "pst_files.vbs" to "netlogon\profileunity" share

Step 2) Migrating PST Files.json

Open ProfileUnity Console and select "Import" than select the "Migrating PST Files.json"

  • Edit the "Migrating PST Files" Configuration
  • Go to Application launcher
  • Update this path to represent path to your own user's profile: 
    • A) Update Drive mapping path: "/C net use z: \\vdi-prou\profiles$\%username%"
    • B) Update location of vbs script: "\\vdi-prou\netlogon\profileunity\pst_files.vbs"
  • "Save" and select "Update" to save the changes in the config.
  • Download "Migrating PST Files.ini" to your netlogon\ProfileUnity share.

The new "Migrating PST Files.ini" (configuration) will execute the script during the logon process thus launching the pst_files.vbs


Note: If the user has large pst files the ProfileUnity splash screen could be up for minutes.

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