Portability files are not restored and removed when switching legacy mode with machine filter.

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 16, 2013


Portability archives are not restored when switching legacy mode ON and OFF, between logins, and a machine filter is in use 



User has two portability rules using the legacy compression setting - one that applies to all machines, one that only applies to Machine A.  After logging in/out of Machine A, legacy portability archives are created successfully. 

User turns legacy mode off.

User logs in/out of Machine B, all archive files are updated to new format, except for those that only apply to machine B.

User logs into Machine A, and only the newly updated archives are restored.  Upon logoff, those files are overwritten by new archives.


Possible Resolution(s):

This is currently a known issue and patch for this will be available shortly.  It can be avoided at this time by not changing compression modes in between logins, when a machine specific filter is in use.

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