Thinprint coexistence - Printers and users moving between non-Windows device and Windows desktop.

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 5.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 15, 2014



Users are moving between Windows Desktop and non-Widows devices (iPad, Zero Client, Linux) The printer settings are not working correctly.





Possible Resolution(s):

Expected behaviour after following steps in the KB:

A) When a user connects from a Windows Client to a View desktop, The default printer will be set by Thinprint (TPAutoConnect). Note: this may take a few seconds after logon completes. 

B) When a user connects from a non-Windows device (iPad, Zero Client, Linux), the default printer will be set by ProfileUnity.

The attached configuration (.json) will allow Thinprint (TPAutoConnect) OR ProfileUnity to set the default printer based on filters.

Step 1) Import (attached) - 1 Thinprint coexistence.json) configuration is imported to ProfileUnity Console

2 filters are created:

Thinprint Off - View Client Type IS NOT Windows (This is used to save/restore the default printer registry key)

Thinprint On - View Client Type IS Windows (This is used to start the TPAutoConnect service)

2 Portability Rules are created:

Printers - v2 default only - Contains the registry key for the default printer (assigned to "Thinprint Off" filter)

Printers - v2 w/o default - Standard printer rule except the default printer registry key has been removed (assigned to "Thinprint On" filter)

Step 2) Pause current All "Printers" Portability rules, in your (Main) configuration. 

Note: This replaces the standard Ruleset for Printers in ProfileUnity.  Do NOT run this configuration and the standard together.

Step 3) Update and download bot configurations to netlogon\ProfileUnity directory

A) Your main configuration (Default.ini), after pausing default printer rules.

B)  Second configuration: (1 Thinprint coexistence.ini)


Note: If properly configured user should get now 2 Printer *.7z files after logging in to both sessions.: 

  • Printersv2default.7z
  • Printersv2wodefault.7z


(This configuration has been tested with Windows 7 Clients and an iPad.)

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