Restoring portability files on persistent desktop

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 5.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: March 7, 2014



Why when files are deleted on the desktop (after logoff) , during logon files are not restored back.



Client log from %Temp% is showing this error message:

"Skipping folder archive restore, md5's are the same"



Note: Extensive client logging must be enabled. KB: How to change Enhanced Client Logging to "Debug" mode?


Possible Resolution:

The change on (persistent desktop) to the files must happen during user's session. If the change happens any other time it is not recorded by ProfileUnity.

To force restoration of the file following options can be followed:

Option 1) Remove local "manifest" file from root of the user's profile before logging back to the machine.

Option 2) Remove the remote "manifest" file from the "portability" folder

Option 3) Login and logout of two computers where now the original manifests won’t match from computer a to network version because computer b would have updated the network version.

Option 4) Refresh the desktop

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