Portability files are not created, vMware customization script was executed on gold image.

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 5.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: March 11, 2014



Portability files are not created on remote location



vMware customization script was executed on the base image

Service Manager log from %temp%:

2014-03-07 12:32:18 [1] FATAL - Unable to stop service
at LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Framework.Sys.ServiceProcess.ServiceManager.StopService(IntPtr service)
at LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Framework.Sys.ServiceProcess.ServiceManager.StopService(String serviceName)
at LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.ServiceManager.Service.Run()
at LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.ServiceManager.Main.Run(String[] args)


Possible Resolution(s):

Create a new image without vMware customization script.

Recompose vMware pool with ProfileUnity

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