OneDrive for Business is not working on non-persistent desktop

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version: 5.7.298+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: March 25, 2014



OneDrive for Business will not open or the settings are lost after user logs off from the machine. 



No MS OneDrive for Business application running.

MS OneDrive is lost after logoff.


Possible Resolution(s): 

There are two items which must be in place for "Microsoft OneDrive for Business" to function properly.

A) Application Data and Local Application Data must be redirected to VHD not to UNC path

Related KB: Redirecting Local Application Data and Application Data to Virtual Disk vs UNC 

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Application Data redirected to O:\AppData\Roaming

Local Application Data redirected to O:\AppData\Local

B) During configuration of Microsoft OneDrive for Business the storage location must be placed on local path or disk:

Option A) Mount VHD to a path: c:\users\%username%\Profile-VHD\

(Default "mount to path" location for our profile drive)

Example for OneDrive is configured to sync to this path:


Option B) Mount VHD to a drive letter: "O"


Open ProfileUnity Console, Edit configuration, go to "Virtual Disks" Add Virtual Disk Rule"

      • Mount Location: Mount to Drive Letter
      • Virtual Disk Path: \\\Share\%username%\OneDrive.vhd
      • Size in GB: 25 (This should match allowed size of OneDrive)
      • Format: Expandable




Example for OneDrive Sync path:


Save, Update, Download configuration to netlogon\profileunity

After drive "O:" is present point OneDrive for Business to sync drive there.

Note: If the green check box does not show for synced items follow this Microsoft article to fix it: 

Sync icon overlays are missing from OneDrive for Business synced items. 

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