How to Prevent UIA From Capturing Unnecessary Applications

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: 5.5+

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: August 19, 2014



The UIA drive is filling up with applications that does not need to be captured.



Unnecessary directories and programs appear on the UIA drive, such as:

  • ptSrv,exe
  • Citrix ICA Client
  • WebexUCFObject Class
  • VMware viclient

Possible Resolution(s):

Inside lwl_userapp.xml, add executables and program names to the list of applications which are excluded from UIA:




IMPORTANT: To make the change permanent for all UIA users, edit the lwl_userapp.xml file located in:

Option A. \\yourdomaincontroller\netlogon\profileunity\ (normal configuration)

(A refresh of the VDI pool is required for Group Policy to install the updated version of ProfileUnity with new

Option B. C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\FlexApp\lwl_userapp.xml (when ProfileUnity is installed on the base/gold image.)

(A recompose of the VDI pool is required to deploy ProfileUnity with a new version lwl_userapp.xml.)

Note: After making the change above, the unnecessary directories can be deleted to free up space on the FlexApp UIA drive.

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