Printing PDFs Does Not Work In Packaged Instance of Adobe Application

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp  

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Updated: Aug 20, 2014



Printing PDFs in a packaged instance of Adobe does not work.



The Adobe printer is present in the 'Devices and Printers' list, however, if it is used, it does not print to PDF. It appears to have completed the job because no pending documents show on the printer and no errors occur, but no PDF documents are created.


Possible Resolution(s):

Restarting the print spooler after the Adobe DIA package is presented to the system fixes the problem.

To automatically restart the print spooler, include the following script in the Adobe DIA package.

1. Save the attached spooler.cmd file on a drive of the Flexapp Packaging Console(FPC) VM.

2. Start the package in the FPC (1) , and click on the icon shown below to add a script to the package (2).



3. Select the following values and specify the location of the spooler.cmd script:

 The print spooler will restart immediately after the Adobe package is presented to the user, allowing the Adobe PDF printer to function correctly.

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