ProfileUnity does not keep RSA SecureID Software settings

Product: ProfileUnity

Product Version: All

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Updated: September 5, 2014



ProfileUnity does not keep RSA SecureID Software settings


User needs to re import a security  key every time he/she logs in.


Possible Resolution(s):

This problem occurs, because SecureID software (photo below) ignores folder redirection (shell folders).


A workaround is to capture a local location that the software is using for storing personal data.

In order to capture this data it is necessary to specify the following directories in the Portability Manager

Operation: Replace

Folder: UserProfile

Path: AppData\Local\RSA


Make sure to click Add and Save.



Next, it is necessary to enable this rule in Portability Settings section of your configuration before updating a new INI file.

Please expand advanced tab and uncheck the "Only Apply to Local Shell Folders" option.



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