Microsoft Visual Studio Settings are not captured

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Updated: September 16, 2014



Microsoft Visual Studio Settings are not captured





"3rd Party Applications - 6.0" is one of the default Portability Rulesets. The rulesets specify items to capture.

"3rd Party Applications - 6.0" by default excludes "HKCU\Software\Microsoft".

Visual Studio is a part of the "HKCU\Software\Microsoft" key, therefore it is excluded from being captured.



Possible Resolution(s):

In order to capture these settings it is necessary to:



Create a new rule in Potability Management section and add the following registry key.






Under "Configuration Management" choose your configuration and click on "Portability Settings" and click "Add Portability Settings Rule".

NOTE: Before you start typing in any data. Please click on the advanced button tab (bottom of the "Portability Settings" window)


Rulset:  Visual Studio (just-created ruleset)

UNCHECK Apply Filesystem Rules

Save Path Specify your Storage path.

UID A name of the archive that will keep the Visual Studio settings.







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