How To Upgrade ProfileUnity 5.7 To 5.7 Patch 6

Product: ProfileUnity          

Product Version: 5.7

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: September 15, 2014



How do I upgrade from version 5.7 to 5.7 Patch 6?



For version 5.7 Patch 6, it is not necessary to upgrade the console. The instructions for upgrading the client are below.

Note: See the ProfileUnity Installation and Configuration Guide (PDF) for more information on requirements, prerequisites, and detailed instructions.

Note: Before upgrade, back up the \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity folder prior to the upgrade so that you can revert if necessary.


1. Download from the link in this article below.

2. Extract this .zip file. Select all the files, then right-click, Copy.

3. Browse to your \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity folder. (Note: Back up the files in that directory prior to overwriting them.)

4. Paste the new files into the \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity folder and accept any prompts to overwrite files.

5. The next steps to take are determined by whether ProfileUnity is installed on the base image. 

a. If ProfileUnity is not installed on the base image (default configuration):

i. Refresh the catalog (VMware View) or set the catalog to Maintenance Mode and reboot all machines, then take them out of maintenance mode (XenDesktop).

ii. Verify the upgrade using the instructions below.

b. If ProfileUnity is installed on the base image:

i. Boot the base image and run the LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.Startup.exe application or the startup.vbs script to upgrade the client tools. (Both files do the same thing and are included in the client tools folder you extracted in step #3 above or in the \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity\ folder after copying them in step #5 above.) 

ii. Recompose the catalog (VMware View) or update the catalog image (XenDesktop), then verify the upgrade using the instructions below

Verifying the Client Tools Upgrade:

1. Right-click on any executable in the \\domain\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity folder and click Properties.

2. Click the Details tab and verify the file version. The file version can be compared with the Version Matrix here.



Additional Resources:

See the ProfileUnity Version Matrix to compare file versions.

Review the ProfileUnity Release Notes to learn what's new, major bug fixes, known issues, system requirements, and other upgrade information.

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